Book Review: Just Some Stupid Love Story by Katelyn Doyle

by Krista

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Molly Marks writes Hollywood rom-coms for a living—which is how she knows “romance” is a racket. The one and only time she was naive enough to fall in love was with her high school boyfriend, Seth—who she ghosted on the eve of graduation and hasn’t seen in fifteen years.

Seth Rubinstein believes in love, the grand, fated kind, despite his job as, well…one of Chicago’s most successful divorce attorneys. Over the last decade, he’s sought “the one” in countless bad dates and rushed relationships. He knows his soulmate is out there. But so far, no one can compare to Molly Marks, the first girl who broke his heart.

When Molly’s friends drag her to Florida for their fifteenth high school reunion, it is poetic justice that she’s forced to sit with Seth. Too many martinis and a drunken hookup later, they decide to make a bet: whoever can predict the fate of five couples before the next reunion must declare that the other is right about true love. The catch? The fifth couple is the two of them.

Molly assures Seth they are a tale of timeless heartbreak. Seth promises she’ll end up hopelessly in love with him. She thinks he’s delusional. He has five years to prove her wrong.

Wickedly funny, sexy, and brimming with laughs and heart like the best romantic comedies, Just Some Stupid Love Story is for everyone who believes in soulmates—even if they would never admit it.


Look how pretty this book is, with its vibrant colors and sprayed purple edges! I love to see publishers stepping up their design game, and Flatiron Books has done just that with this gorgeous book.

This was a fun read. As someone who loved her high school years, I adored the high school reunion element. I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the book because that was the focal point. There were plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. I wish that level of humor had carried through to the second half of the book, after things had gotten more serious. As a rom-com fan, I enjoyed all of the references to the genre. I thought Seth was a sweet love interest. The couple shared some great chemistry and spicy scenes. But I must admit, that Molly was overly pessimistic and frustrating a lot of the time. All in all, this was an entertaining story!

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