Book Review: Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler

by Krista

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Millicent “Millie” Watts-Cohen is on a mission. When she promised her elderly best friend that she’d reunite her with the woman she fell in love with nearly eighty years ago, she never imagined that would mean traveling from D.C. to Key West with three tablespoons of Mrs. Nash’s remains in her backpack. But Millie’s determined to give her friend a symbolic happily-ever-after, before it’s (really) too late—and hopefully reassure herself of love’s lasting power in the process.

She just didn’t expect to have a living travel companion.

After a computer glitch grounds flights, Millie is forced to catch a ride with Hollis Hollenbeck, an also-stranded acquaintance from her ex’s MFA program. Hollis certainly does not believe in happily-ever-afters, and makes it quite clear that he can’t fathom Millie’s plan ending well for anyone.

But as they contend with peculiar bed-and-breakfasts, unusual small-town festivals, and deer with a death wish, Millie begins to suspect that her reluctant travel partner might enjoy her company more than he lets on. Because for someone who supposedly doesn’t share her views on romance, Hollis sure is becoming invested in the success of their journey. And the closer they get to their destination, the more Millie has to admit that maybe this trip isn’t just about Mrs. Nash’s love story after all—maybe it’s also about her own.


Aw, this book is like a warm hug! It has joy, laughter, delicate layers, and so much love. I picked it up because the cover kept jumping out at me in the bookstore. I thought it would be a nice read for Pride Month. I’m so happy I picked it up!

Millie and Hollis are the loveliest main characters, so it was a joy to share their trek with them. The book has two unique love stories tucked inside. From bittersweet moments to humor, and self-discoveries, this story offers a lot of depth of emotion. Mrs. Nash’s Ashes (the book) happily found a permanent spot in my home library.  

❥ Listening to this via audio was a wonderful experience. Narrator Mara Wilson did a phenomenal job!


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